Our team conditioning program helps get

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All classes in our remarkable Team Conditioning Program are led by Nick Kapande, fitness expert and TaeKwon-Do 5th Degree Black Belt.  Players focus on strength training, flexibility, agility and core strength, and will be ready to start the season fit, healthy, and mentally ready for success. If you or someone you know desires excellence in soccer, lacrosse, baseball, basketball, football, track & field, cross-country, tennis, swimming, gymnastics, hockey, golf, wrestling, boxing, skiing and boarding or any other sport, this program is for you!


Athletes who join our Team Conditioning Program sign up for a specific program, allowing 2, 3, or 4 conditioning classes per week during their preseason. Athletes choose from 18 classes a week to complete the number of classes in their program.


Students from Nick’s Team Conditioning Program find success not only as athletes, but also as leaders and role models with positive attitudes and noticeably high work ethics.


To apply for our Team Conditioning Program or for more information, please email us at info@nicksprofitness.com or call 303-679-6267. If you are a coach or organizer, call or stop by to find out how to take advantage of all the benefits waiting for you and your team.


Team sports conditioning program (PDF)

What coaches have to say:

“Nick’s Pro Fitness was a great experience for our soccer players. They enjoyed his tough, complete body workouts along with his approach to take the time to get to know each and every player that came to his classes.


The strength and flexibility my players worked hard for will benefit them physically throughout the season and beyond. Mentally they’ve learned how to focus on fitness goals and to push through the times their minds want to quit. They’ve learned that they can accomplish so much more that what they thought they could. In the week coming off of Nick’s, there was a noticeable difference in the endurance and quick play of the kids that went to Nick’s. My players left his program feeling fit, refreshed, and ready to start the season!


I recommend Nick’s to any coach for preseason. Nick Kapande leads a workout program that will benefit any athlete, in any sport. Nick’s workouts focus on total body strength and flexibility, and they cover a wide range of muscle groups which will benefit kid at any level. Nick has been very generous with his time and commitment to the success of my players. It’s been a great experience, and I know many of them will come back for more!”


—Whitney Walker, Coach of Evergreen High School Women’s Soccer Team, March 2010

Nick's Pro Conditioning Rocks!

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