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Nick Kapande, owner of Nick’s Pro Fitness, has been leading self-defense seminars since 1982. In “I WILL FIGHT BACK”, students learn methods to protect themselves in dangerous situations; more importantly, students learn that they can fight back. This seminar also covers the psychological and physical aspects of self-defense. Moves are practiced with a partner and observed by Nick to ensure correct technique. Learn more about Nick here.


This popular and empowering Self-Defense program is appropriate for all fitness levels, ages 10 and up.


  • Learn how to protect yourself in dangerous situations
  • Learn about the psychological and physical aspects of self-defense
  • Feel more confident in your ability to handle a dangerous situation
  • Develop the knowledge and the will to fight back


Students complete “I Will Fight Back” with the knowledge and the will to fight back, and are welcome to audit future self-defense seminars at no cost!


Self-defense seminars are offered quarterly or as often as necessary to fulfill demand. They are also done at the client’s site for companies, schools and special interest groups. Please call 303-674-6902 or 303-679-6267 for more information and for seminar fees.


Self Defense Seminar (PDF)

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