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Nick Kapande

Nick Kapande is a popular personal coach, trainer, fitness instructor, martial artist and motivational speaker. Nick began his inspirational career promoting motivational speakers throughout the United States and Canada. Named the number one sales representative for seven consecutive years, Nick became a teacher, a mentor and an inspiring personality to countless others in the fields of sales, management and human resources.


Nick is a health and fitness consultant, a body-conditioning expert, a Fifth Degree Black Belt and a champion in TaeKwon-Do. He is ranked as a TaeKwon-Do Instructor, and since 1982 he has trained under master TaeKwon-Do instructor, Mack Newton, who is a direct descendant of General Choi’s instruction.


Nick’s personal commitment and desire to improve the lives of others has made him an exceptional force in the field of fitness and weight loss. He continues to inspire and motivate children, teens and adults in their personal and professional lives.

Fran Tadra

Fran Tadra’s workouts are carefully planned to help individuals or groups with success in reaching fitness goals. Fran began offering personal training sessions at this facility in 1990! She includes the newest elements of resistance training, core conditioning, functional training and flexibility into every workout. Variety and technique variations are incorporated to keep programs interesting, break plateaus and help stimulate the body.


Fran plans safe and effective workouts based on your fitness goals, motivates and guides you through your workout, offers nutritional guidance, and provides a means of measurement to track your progress. Fran has experience in working with and around injuries and physical limitations, works with all fitness levels, and appreciates clients who are enthusiastic about their workouts and attaining set goals.

Brian DeBaets

My fitness journey began at ten years old. I wanted a six-pack of abs, so I thought that running on the treadmill twice a day, doing hundreds of sit-ups and pushups and eating a tiny breakfast and nothing else until dinner was the way to go. Well, after a couple of nervous breakdowns, I had to re-evaluate. Fitness is for life. What else would it be for?


I was involved in Tae Kwon, baseball, football and weight training, in that order, as a kid. I was introduced to the concepts of functional training in 2007 and immediately began to incorporate it. I was more gradual about doing it with my clients. I will never have a client do something I can’t or don’t know how to do.


I began training after meeting Brooke and Jason Paulin, in 2005. I was certified originally through the in-house program offered by Fitness Together, later with the American Council on Exercise (ACE), and currently through the National Council on Strength and Fitness (NCSF).

Sam Bittner-Baird

You've seen him behind the desk, now catch Sam during class! Join him on Tuesdays at 6 pm for Spin and Fridays at 6 am for Body Sculpt. Sam is also one of our new personal trainers! Personal training should be personal. No two people are the same, so why should your fitness program be a one size fits all approach? Having graduated with honors from the National Personal Training Institute of Colorado, Sam specializes in designing a program specifically for your goals, ability, and needs.


Limited time special! Call Sam now to get your fitness consultation and first session for free!


Sasha Eagen

Never one to come up short on wisdom, Sasha has managed countless athletes, athletic programs, and coaches in all facets of sports. Many of her athletes have gone on to professional careers. She is a coach’s coach; Sasha has a business mind that has helped people, and athletes achieve their highest goals, and have been training clients and athletes since the early 2005. She is dedicated to helping the client/athlete bring out the best in themselves through demanding accountability. She has a long history producing top-notch training programs and boot camps.


After sustaining a life altering injury, Sasha has now become more aware of how to keep the human body in motion and structurally stable. She can offer a variety of exercises to help you achieve your fitness goals. Sasha has experience in working with athletes, injuries, physical limitations, and working with all levels of fitness. Life is a journey; sometimes it’s nice to have an accountabil-a-buddy at the gym.

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