Nick Kapande is a popular personal coach, trainer, fitness instructor, martial artist and motivational speaker. Nick began his inspirational career promoting motivational speakers throughout the United States and Canada. Named the number one sales representative for seven consecutive years, Nick became a teacher, a mentor and an inspiring personality to countless others in the fields of sales, management and human resources.


Nick is a health and fitness consultant, a body-conditioning expert, a Fifth Degree Black Belt and a champion in TaeKwon-Do. He is ranked as a TaeKwon-Do Instructor, and since 1982 he has trained under master TaeKwon-Do instructor, Mack Newton, who is a direct descendant of General Choi’s instruction.


Nick’s personal commitment and desire to improve the lives of others has made him an exceptional force in the field of fitness and weight loss. He continues to inspire and motivate children, teens and adults in their personal and professional lives.


“When I was 17, I started on my quest for fitness. I investigated a lot of different schools and interviewed just as many instructors. By 19, I started training Taekwon-Do with Mr. Mack Newton in Chicago, Illinois. It was, and still is, the hardest thing I have ever done. Mr. Newton demands the best from every one of his students and of himself. I think this is one of the things I like most about him.


He has always pushed the envelope physically, mentally and emotionally. He is a man who puts forth his greatest effort under all circumstances. Because of this, he expects the same from his students. He has made a huge impact on my life. I have brought these same expectations to my studio. Like Mr. Newton, I believe that high standards yield exceptional results.


I have discovered that by getting and staying in shape and eating in a healthy way, people obtain a better fitness level, a more positive outlook, and a much higher quality of life. When I realized that I could communicate my experiences and knowledge, and people would respond so positively, a new career was born. I followed in my mentor’s footsteps and created Nick’s Pro Fitness in June of 1999. I have been able to take my decades of conditioning and Martial Arts experience, along with my motivational and inspirational skills, to help create change in the lives of countless individuals.


Every year as I get a little older, I get more perspective as to what life ‘should be’ like. I am surrounded by really incredible people all the time. I try to apply their best qualities and ideas to my philosophies of life. I, like everyone else, am a ‘work in progress.’ I never take the attitude that ‘I already know that.’ I aim to learn as much as I can in my lifetime. It is because of this that I came up with what I think are the main rules to live by. These are the virtues that I think build character and keep you in balance.


First, you must build yourself to be physically and mentally strong. This is a Taekwon-Do creed that I learned at a young age. When you’re in top physical and mental condition, you can handle more of the things that life throws at you. And let’s face it. Even during the good weeks, life throws a lot at us.”


—Nick Kapande, Nick’s Pro Fitness

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