Nick Kapande on his Conditioning Program:

A New Way of Thinking

The Nick’s Pro Fitness Peak Performer Conditioning Program is a complete immersion into a new way of thinking and doing—how you move, what you eat, and which attitudes and thoughts will determine your future. Your current condition or weight is not important; what’s important is your attitude. I don’t care where you are coming from, I care about where you are going. This fitness program is a complete approach to health that will challenge you physically, mentally and emotionally.


Free Consultation and Trial Class:

I personally interview all prospective candidates. Call 303-679-6267 to schedule your free consultation and trial week. During the trial week you will take part in the conditioning class as a guest. This allows you to experience the atmosphere, and it allows me to observe your manner, behaviors, and physical fitness levels. Once the class is over, we’ll sit down, and I’ll give you an honest assessment of where you are and the direction in which to proceed.


What’s Unique about the Nick’s Pro Fitness Peak Performer Conditioning Program?

Nick’s Pro Fitness Peak Performer Conditioning Program goes far beyond a workout or weight loss program. It is a total approach to vivacious and energetic good health – to be the strongest, most vibrant, leanest and most wonderful person that you can be. Weight loss occurs naturally from this program, and weight losses of 40, 50, even more than 100 pounds are common. This program is not for the meek or the negative thinker because it is difficult, demanding and will require commitment and dedication. The result will be a new you—strong, flexible, supple, energetic, sleek and looking FANTASTIC!

The 3-2 Eating Plan

If you really like food, and you want to feel great and look fantastic, the 3-2 plan is for you. It is not a diet, it is an enjoyable eating plan developed out of a need for more energy. The surprising byproduct of the plan is weight loss and weight control. Just remember the 3-2 philosophy and mix it with exercise to satisfy your gourmet tastes and never feel denied or hungry again.

On the 3-2 eating plan…

You can eat 3 things:

You can drink 2 things:

  • Fresh Meat
    • (beef, pork, lamb, poultry and fish that is either baked, boiled, broiled or barbecued)
  • Green Vegetables
  • Fresh Fruit
  • 120 ounces of Fresh, Clean Water Each Day
    • (not carbonated or flavored)
  • Real, Fresh Fruit Juice (not juice drinks)

You will start your day with the “Mack Shake” (named after my instructor, Mack Newton), which will account for 80% of your fruit for the day.


Then indulge yourself with as much of the food on the plan as you like. It is not “how much” or “when” you eat. It is “what” you eat! The fact is, the more you eat, the more you will lose. When people follow the plan, it absolutely works.


You can find delicious 3-2 recipes in our fabulous 3-2 Cook Books available at Nick’s Pro Fitness! You will be so happy with the results.


Working out is an excellent start to getting healthy, but it is not enough for most people. What we eat has a huge impact on our health, fitness and well-being. Following the 3-2 plan gives you energy while you lose weight. Our cookbook contains delicious recipes for all seasons that help you follow the 3-2 plan; and when people follow the plan, it absolutely works.


Sample Workouts:

  • Workout #1 Mini Mac

    • 100 Mountain Climbers
    • 50 sit ups
    • 20 push ups
    • 7 sets
  • Workout #2 Mini Mac

    • 100 Mountain Climbers
    • 50 Sit Ups
    • 20 Push Ups
    • 20 4 counts or Kick Backs
    • 5 sets
  • Workout #3

    • 20 minutes Jump Rope followed by a Mini Mac (Workout #1)
  • Workout #4

    • 25 4 Counts
    • 60 Sit Ups
    • 20 Push Ups
    • 6 sets
  • Workout #5

    • 50 Double Leg Presses or 20 One Leg Presses
    • 30 Full Body Crunches
    • 50 Push Ups with 1 inch hold (sets of 10)
    • 5 sets
  • Workout #6

    • 30-50 Kick backs
    • 100 Sit Ups
    • 20 Push Ups
    • 5-6 sets

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